At a time of unparalleled National crisis, it can be difficult to find the right words to address all sections of the community, since ‘one size’ does not fit all, nor begin to accommodate disparate levels of understanding, expectation and emotion.

It is a matter of profound regret that publicity surrounding a banner appearing in Town last Thursday caused much offence to some; not, necessarily, because of the message being delivered but because of the language used to convey such sentiments. Those responsible will, no doubt, feel vindicated that Southwold was calm and tranquil over last weekend when the sun shone brightly. May it remain so for the duration of this enduring emergency, so that when we return, to something like normality, it will be possible to extend a welcoming hand of friendship to everyone from far and wide.

It is now time to unify our community, re-emphasise the government’s advice and support the NHS, our blue-light services and frontline staff everywhere. Please follow the rules: stay at home, but if you venture out for allowable purposes, stay two metres away from other people. Above all, take care and stay safe; this Town Council is determined to look after its vulnerable population and the number of people volunteering to help is testament to such determination and a wonderful expression of great community involvement.

Thanks to everyone committed to supporting our fragile and vulnerable community – your resolve cannot be underestimated.

Ian R. Bradbury
Cllr. STC
Town Mayor