The new Mayor of Southwold is Ian Bradbury. Ian was first elected to the Town Council some eight years’ ago, in May 2011, and he was re-elected for a third four-year term at the beginning of this month.

He has known Southwold since the mid-nineteen-seventies, having been introduced to its delights, and those of its spectacular environment, by a friend of long-standing.

Year after year he returned here from the English Midlands; visits that became more numerous as the years went by, and with this increased frequency his attachment to the Town was not only cemented, but guaranteed for life. He cannot, by definition, be classed as Southwold through and through, but if any other incomer approaches Ian’s commitment to the inhabitants of the Town and its community, in general, it would be good to meet her, or him.

In 2001, he bought a house in Reydon, knowing full well that if forward planning reached fruition he would be retiring early from his post as a sixth form tutor at Coventry’s most prestigious state secondary school, where he was a teacher of English Language and Literature.

He loves his allotment, despite being unable to devote as much time as he would like its cultivation, and he has been known to enthuse, occasionally, about his Black Country roots and, in particular, his beloved, but frustratingly inconsistent, West Bromwich Albion Football Club.