Southwold Town Council – Roads Committee
Every week someone asks me “When are you going to sort out parking” or says “Someone is going to killed in the High Street”
For too long this thorny can has been kicked down the road. Your new Southwold Town Council is determined to look at this logically and fairly to make daily life better for everyone at last. Please help us.

Not driving – Adequate parking provision, accessibility, encourage walking/bikes,
Driving – Safe roads, reduced pollution, better environment for pedestrians and local economy.

SCC will supply traffic counts. STC wi collect footfall data. ESC can supply occupancy rates on their car parks. Have you got any other data?

This is where you come in!
We want to know what you want. Please comment on the two aims above. What do you want to keep? What do you want to improve?
Residents, employees, shoppers, visitors, Reydon residents, Second homeowners, holiday lets, care workers, tradesmen, deliveries, events. Buses, coaches, shops businesses, hotels, school, taxis.

Everyone will be listened to but not everyone will get all they want. There will have to be compromise.

Once we have identified the needs, we will come to options and solutions but please don’t start from there!
You can attend our next Committee Meeting which is being held on July 21st 10.00 at the Town Hall when we will start with a public session, or email me at

David Beavan
Member of STC Roads Committee
Cllr David Beavan, STC ESC.