Town Trail Public Consultation event to be held at the Pit Stop Café, Southwold Common on Thursday 10th September 2020 – 10.30am – 1pm. The purpose of the event will be to seek the views of local residents on the design and layout of the Town Trail within the Town.

This proposed project will design and install a high-quality Town Trail consisting of information posts and educational interpretation boards, seating and natural wooden sculptures.  It will improve orientation and understanding of historic assets and natural heritage of Southwold’s Town, Harbour and Marshes.

Cohesion of local assets could result in a year-round attraction and increased economic benefit.

The Town Trail project will seek to connect underrepresented historic assets and areas of natural beauty, in a sympathetic way, generating networks of easily accessible circular routes, enhancing attractiveness, resulting in benefit to those that visit, work and live in Southwold.

The project will be sent to grant funders for funding as the project could achieve a boost to the out-of-season economy by:

  • Encouraging greater local partnership.
  • Supporting the development of solutions to economic issues.
  • Encouraging the sustainable use of heritage and culture to provide a focus for tourism, resulting in enhanced business opportunities.
  • Creating links to support the growth and performance of the retail sector.
  • Enhancing prosperity, health and well-being.

James Mellish (Project Manager) of JM Environmental Ltd will be available for detailed discussions on the proposal.