“Low Impact Living in Suffolk” is a new campaign making it easier for Suffolk residents to understand how to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and lower our energy use.
Our homes are responsible for generating 20% of all UK carbon emissions, primarily through the heating and energy they use. There are many ways to reduce these emissions, with Low Impact Living in Suffolk sharing steps through the www.greensuffolk.org website.
Information is available to demystify the products, technology and grants that help reduce the impact of our homes on the environment and save money on increasing energy bills.
You can find out your carbon footprint, look for green energy tariffs and compare new, more sustainable heating systems including ground and air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, heat recovery, hydro and wind electricity.
Detailed information on solar panels, including buying schemes, water heating and electricity sits alongside up to date advice on recycling. Options for improving or replacing windows across properties that vary in age, materials, location, and style are also available.
For more details on how you can plan your journey to Net Zero at home, visit www.greensuffolk.org