Ingleton Wood have submitted a planning application planning application to Waveney District Council, on behalf of Southwold Town Council, for the proposed redevelopment of the site to provide a mixed-use development of retail units, flexible office space, a café and two residential apartments.

This page will be updated regularly with updates and progress of the project


Southwold Town Council ,
The Town Hall, Market Place, Southwold, IP18 6EF
Telephone: 01502 722576
Email: townclerk@southwoldtowncouncil.com

10am – 12 noon Monday – Friday (other times by appointment)

July 2023 update of progress on Southwold Enterprise Hub

July 29, 2023|Comments Off on July 2023 update of progress on Southwold Enterprise Hub

For the new Town Council, it’s very much a case of “we are where we are, and let’s make the best of the situation we find ourselves in”.Revised planning permission was granted on 23 February [...]


The Redevelopment of Station Yard

April 30, 2021|0 Comments

Station Yard’s dilapidated condition has long been a concern to the Town Council. In March 2021 Southwold Town Council agreed to procure demolition contractors as a first step in creating new employment opportunities in [...]

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