This page is dedicated to the Southwold Neighbourhood Plan.
All documents related to the plan will be available to download from here

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
It is a guide to development in the town and will be required be used by anyone considering, or making, a planning application

What does it do?
The Plan sets out policies that will have legal force when a planning application is submitted. Some of the Policies apply to the whole of Southwold and some apply to specific parts of the town. The Neighbourhood Plan should be read in conjunction with the Waveney Local Plan.

How long will it last?
Once approved, the Plan will apply for 20 years. This is why it is important that we set the right Policies, as they will affect development in the town until 2038. The Plan can be reviewed before then, if necessary.

Why are you being asked for comments on the Plan?
The Policies have been drawn up using the responses to the questionnaire that was distributed in 2016, and to which 39% of residents responded, and consultation with local people and businesses. We now want your thoughts on the Plan so that these can be taken into account before the final version of the Plan is voted on in a local referendum next year.

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Southwold Town Council Privacy Policy