By means of an update I write to appraise you of the current position with Potters Bridge and the subsequent closure of the road due to extensive flooding.

  • The water has abated to a level where we can consider further actions.
  • The road remains closed on safety grounds.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday)
    • a drainage crew will be starting the clean-up operation clearing the roads drainage system (gullies, pipework etc)
  • Next week
    • The ‘clean-up’ operation continues with crews from Tuesday clearing the mud and detritus from the road.
    • Once the road is clear an assessment of the surface will be undertaken to ascertain the extent of any damage and what repairs are required.
    • An inspection of the structure of the bridge will be undertaken to ascertain again, any damage, safety etc.

Our intention is to open the road as soon as possible. However, we must ensure it is safe to do just that. Our findings through next week will give us a better idea.