During November and December last year, the Anglia Water Flush to treatment team visited Southwold to map, inspect and complete a full clean of all their sewers in this catchment. This was to ensure that they were able to function to the highest possible standards and would continue to do so for years to come. The previous project successfully completed had been in Southend.

Whilst in Southwold, the teams inspected and cleaned 12 kms of sewers and removed an incredible 20 tonnes of waste. Stacked up in bags, this would reach two thirds of the height of the lighthouse! They also surveyed and cleaned 1,600 lateral sewers, pipes connecting customers’ homes to the main sewer and found and removed a huge amount of fats, non-flushable items, scale and some roots.

The next step is to complete nine minor repairs at various points in the town and fit remote sensors to optimise the sewer network ensuring that it is working as efficiently as possible. This will also help them to monitor the condition of the pipes and identify where remedial action is needed much more quickly before serious blockages and potential sewer flooding occurs.

They took a holistic approach with this project. They have been engaging with the community and have received fantastic feedback. They will continue talking about the important Keep it Clear message, and they would be grateful if STC was able to share this with our networks. They will keep working with the 54 food serving establishments in Southwold and they are also planning on working with the local tourist board to help educate visitors to play their part too, looking after Southwold’s sewers during their stay in the town.

They will also be working with businesses in Reydon and Walberswick, since the sewer system is all connected. In fact, they cleaned and removed four tonnes of unflushables from Walberswick pumping station as well.

Now the sewers have been cleaned, they will continue to work together with the local council and community to keep them clear. To build on from the great successes already achieved, they are looking forward to visiting Southwold again this summer.  They will be working with holiday makers encouraging them to avoid blockages, so that sewers remain clear, all year round. They like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your co-operation.

Anglian Water have also sent this link about the bathing water developments at Southwold and the clear opportunity for Southwold to regain the Blue Flag status at the pier.